Training young people is the second of the four aims & objectives we build into each of our programs and projects. Training can include several specific elements that we focus upon at different events or in different AB contexts:

  • BRICKS -- our 14 part cross-cultural curriculum, mostly used in Bridgebuilders Club meetings;
  • Special sessions and workshops -- offered at MeetPoints, Festivals, or AB-One events;
  • In-depth cross-cultural and leadership training, hands-on experience -- undertaken by interns who work with us for three months to a year.

As of 2017 we are starting a Bridgebuilders Training School which has two parts:

The YouthWork Factory is a week long training taking place from 18 August till 25 August for youth leaders on how to start and run a Bridgebuilders Club

The training of Interns is year long effort to train and guide Interns in their specific tasks.