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If you are between 18 and 30, read on!

Live for 8 to 12 months in another country and discover the many different cultures of Europe!

That's what the Atlantic Bridge internship program is about.

But, of course, there is more.

Share your culture, lifestyle and convictions with others and learn more about theirs. Live and work with other Europeans and Americans your age. Meet and work with young people from all over Europe.

There are three different internships.

a) Youth Connectors - EVS-interns to build contacts with and between young people in a region. The Regional Youth Contact platform.

EVS stands for European Voluntary Service. Find out more through the Erasmus+ Program. Atlantic Bridge both sends and receives EVS-volunteers.

b) Circuit Riders Next Generation team - this is a travelling team

c) Youth Ministry Builders - arranged between different churches

 General Requirements

  • flexible, friendly,  motivated,  take initiative,  try new things, work well in a team,  good level of English,  enjoy meeting people,  want to work with youth,  adapt to cross-cultural setting,  want to serve and help others,  learn and practice effective communication,  present your culture, background and convictions, accept Atlantic Bridge’s methodology of relational youth work,  accept and respect those from other cultures, backgrounds and beliefs,  understanding of (and preferably active involvement in) a church community.

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TAKE A LOOK at the life of an intern..

If you work with Atlantic Bridge it is important that you like small towns. Kruiningen is a small village in the southwestern part of the Netherlands with a population of 4.000. It’s a typcial Dutch village with several café’s and restaurants. A supermarket, post office / bakery, bank, bicycle shop, appliance store, gift shop, drugstore, hardware store and two hair salons make up the rest of the shopping centre.

The major industries are a french-fries making factory and potato- and onion-packing plants a few kilometres from the village. A camping area, indoor and outdoor pool, sport hall and playing fields provide opportunities for sports and relaxation. A 15th century church and a picturesque windmill built in 1801 (that still runs!) complete the charm of this rural village.

For the non-Dutch, our best offer is for you to walk on a dike. Our region of Zeeland has miles and miles and miles of dikes to keep out the sea! Kruiningen is about two kilometres from the Westerschelde, where a canal cuts through the peninsula and connects inland harbours to the North Sea. A train station two and a half kilometres away connects Kruiningen to the national train system. The closest city is Goes (pop. 35.000), a 10-minute train ride and 15 kilometres away. Antwerpen, Belgium is 50 kilometres to the south and Amsterdam 170 kilometres to the north. Once an hour there is a direct train to Amsterdam Central Station; the trip takes about two and a half hours.

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