Sunday, 08 April 2018


written by Maikel van Beek

SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENT wanted GUITARIST/SONG WRITER for a ONE YEAR TOUR performing in the classrooms of Europe


We are looking for a young musician - preferably a guitarist/song-writer - to travel to schools in different countries in Europe as a type of Circuit Rider.

We are not looking for a seasoned artists, but for young and upcoming talent interested in building a following in European high schools.

If you quality, the countries you would be visiting would be The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and more… You would be based at a Christian community in the south western part of The Netherlands and be sent from there for periods of one, two or three weeks as a time. You would travel with a partner/administrator who keeps correspondence, does the social media and all the administrative aspects. You travel by public transportation or/and by car.


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